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PM Recycling Pallets was established in 1992 as recycling specialists diverse in the field of buying, selling, and processing post-industrial plastics.

PM Recycling Pallets then began organizing and implementing a pallet recycling program to satisfy the specific needs of every type of business.

Our customized programs allowed a streamlined effect so that the customer is able to reduce the number of dock doors, floor space, and vendors used for purchasing.

PM Recycling Pallets began carrying our own fleet of trucks and trailers to deliver our pallets and to retrieve the recyclable materials from our customers on a timely basis. Soon after, we implemented a bar code and label system into our pallet manufacturing, assuring quality accountability and acquired a pallet drawing system that enables us to customize a unique program for each customer’s specific orders.


With 30 years of experience in the recycling industry, PM Recycling Pallets has the experience necessary to recycle pallets, plastics, strapping, stretch wrap, containers, rolls, and so much more.

Since then we have expanded our expertise to also offer pallet services, including pallet recycling, custom built pallets, and pallet repair and pallet return programs. This has allowed us to flourish into a full service pallet recycling company that utilizes quality and service to create a unique customized service for its customers.

Over the years, we have learned from our customers that product quality and excellent customer service is a top priority to the industry. We have built relationships with clients worldwide, helping their businesses save money by recycling pallets and selling their manufacturing waste.