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Pallet Repair and Pallet Return Programs

Procuring quality pallets is an essential aspect of many companies’ business models. Without them, you could face delays in your customers’ order fulfillment, significant losses in damaged product and wasted time creating temporary storage solutions. Of course, constantly buying new pallets can cut into your bottom line as well – especially when your current distributor is less than reliable. That is where PM Recycling Pallets comes in. We offer a variety of pallet repair and pallet return programs to meet the needs of businesses across diverse industries, including distribution, retail, manufacturing, beverages, brewing, chemical production and more.

Repairing Pallets to Reduce Cost and Environmental Impact

Our pallet repair programs prolong the lifespan of your skids while curbing replacement costs and promoting sustainability. Our process starts with meticulous inspection. We sort your inventory by pallets in various categories: ready for reuse, able to be fixed on-site, must be sent to our facility for refurbishing, and have reached the end of their usable lifespan. Quality control measures ensure repaired pallets meet industry standards as well as your own parameters for load capacity, fork-lift accessibility and other critical variables. When you have your skids repaired, you are significantly reducing waste. As such, a pallet repair program is an effective tool in reaching environmental goals, such as emission benchmarks and deforestation initiatives.

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Reliable and Responsive Pallet Return Service

A pallet return program is another viable option for your business. In this streamlined model, used pallets are picked up and replaced at regular intervals. That way, you will always have the right supplies on hand to effectively manage inventory. Your pallets will be individually marked, so that they are accounted for at every step along the way. We can collaborate with you to determine schedules and procedures that work best for your unique operation. On-demand pick-ups and returns are also available. We can leave an empty container at your place of business. When it is full, we will retrieve it and deliver more stock. This flexibility has helped position us as the first choice for pallet repair and pallet return programs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and beyond.

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