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We are a full service pallet recycling and pallet manufacturing company. From recycling plastics and stretch wrap to pallet repair, pallet sales and pallet return services, we handle it all.

Pallet Sales No matter what specific application you have in mind for your pallets, we are your go-to destination for pallet sales. Buying Pallets we specialize in buying pallets, offering programs designed to meet the needs of businesses of varying scale. Pallet Repair and Pallet Return Programs We offer a variety of pallet repair and pallet return programs to meet the needs of businesses across diverse industries. Pallet Recycling Services Recycled and remanufactured pallets in a variety of standardized and customized sizes - made from quality recycled materials. Pallet Drawing Program Easily generate customized pallet drawings, estimate the build cost, and produce professional drawings to share with your clients. Custom Built Pallets We'll familiarize ourselves with your unique application, then use our specialized drawing tools to design a custom pallet that directly reflects it. Pallet Waste Removal We remove used or damaged pallets from your facility, dismantle them at our location, and recycle the various components for use in other applications. On-Site Pallet Recycling Programs From sorting and repairs to safe disposal and more – we handle every aspect of your on-site pallet recycling program so that you can focus on your business. Pallet Inventory Control Assistance Our pallet inventory control assistance ensures that you always have the right of resources on hand to keep your business running smoothly. Heat Treatment Services for Pallets Our company is annually certified to deliver heat-treated pallets (HT pallets) for export in accordance with IPPC's most current ISPM 15 requirements. Pallet Export Knowledge we help companies of all sizes and across diverse industries meet their logistical goals through the application of our extensive pallet export knowledge. Drop Trailer Services for Pallets We take care of the logistics for you, delivering pallets directly to your location and picking up used ones as needed. Pallet and Pallet Waste Recycling Services By processing post-industrial plastics, we recycle plastics, strapping, stretch wrap, containers, rolls, off spec materials, and more.