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Pallet Waste Removal

Do you have pallets cluttering your backroom, warehouse or other workspace and need a sustainable solution to remove them? You can count on our team at PM Recycling Pallets to declutter your space in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. We understand the crucial role that pallets play in the daily operations of distributors, retailers, manufacturers, beverage companies, breweries, chemical producers and other businesses – but we also recognize the logistical and environmental challenges posed by their accumulation and improper disposal.

Your Pallet Waste is Our Priority

When you partner with our team for your pallet waste removal, you can expect a smooth and productive experience from start to finish. Your services will be tailored to reflect your unique situation. For example, you can choose to have your pallets retrieved as soon as possible, or schedule pick up at a specific date and time. If you run a larger scale operation, you may want to consider a recurring schedule. We can even drop off a container at your place of business to be filled with unwanted pallets at your convenience. Simply let us know when it is full, and we will promptly dispatch one of our drivers to come get it.

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From Refuse to Resources

Our aim is not just to minimize waste but to maximize resource efficiency. Once your pallets reach our facility, our expert team conducts a meticulous sorting process. Pallets in serviceable condition can be repaired and refurbished, extending their lifespan and significantly reducing the demand for new resources. Conversely, damaged pallets are carefully disassembled and processed, so that they can be reused as scrap wood, wood chips, compost, yard mulch or fuel – promoting a circular economy and substantially lowering your carbon footprint.

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