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Pallet Sales

At PM Recycling Pallets, we understand the critical role that pallets play in the world of logistics – from streamlining supply chains and ensuring the safe transport of goods to optimizing warehouse operations and more. For over 30 years and counting, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, beverage companies, breweries, chemical producers and other businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries have relied on us for pallet sales. We proudly serve Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut as well as clients located outside of New England and across the United States.

Pallets for Every Purpose: Explore Our Extensive Inventory

No matter what specific application you have in mind for your pallets, we are your go-to destination for pallet sales. Our expansive inventory encompasses every class of pallets. Whether you need brand new grade A pallets capable of meeting compliance requirements in heavily regulated industries such as food and medicine, flawlessly refurbished class B pallets that offer reliable performance and uniform appearance, or class C pallets designed for effective and economic shipping – our team has you covered. We even offer heat treated pallets that eliminate pests and fulfill the IPPC's most current ISPM 15 requirements. United States (48 in by 40 in), European (1200mm by 800mm) and other standard sizes are available, as well as custom made pallets. 

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Your Project, Your Pallet: Customized Solutions Made Easy

Have a project that requires a non-standard pallet? Let us help you create the ideal skid for your unique application. We’ll consult directly with you to design a pallet with the perfect strength, dimensions, forklift accessibility and other key features to fit your project. Once approved, we will begin crafting your custom pallets from high-quality materials, using cutting-edge equipment and the best practice techniques to ensure dependable load-bearing capacity and durability. From there, we promptly deliver your order to your place of business.

No matter what you need, getting you the pallets that you need on-time and on-budget is always our goal.

Begin exploring options with our pallet sales team today. Call us at (401) 765-0330 to get started.

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