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Pallet Drawing Program

While the use of pallets for distribution and warehousing is nearly universal for companies of all sizes and across diverse industries, each organization’s specific application of them is unique. Sometimes, standard sizes simply won’t suffice to get the job done. That is where our team at PM Recycling Pallets comes in. We use a state-of-the art pallet drawing program to deliver personalized solutions for our clients. This tool enables us to design custom pallets and provide a clear visual representation of them prior to production. That way you can share a blueprint with your employees, suppliers, customers and others along the supply chain to ensure it meets your specifications.

Streamline Your Operation

In addition to producing schematics, another advantage of using our pallet drawing program is the ability to create distinct drawing numbers. These codes can be affixed to your pallets for easy identification and seamlessly incorporated into your business operations. For example, you can reference this number when coordinating with shipping partners, customers and warehouses. This identifier can also be used to reorder pallets as the need arises. You can streamline your inventory control as well, by integrating your custom pallet numbers into your existing system.

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Personalized Pallet Drawing Solutions

When it comes to pallets, there are no one-size-fits-all style solutions. Even the variety of dimensions commonly available, including United States (48 in by 40 in), European (1200mm by 800mm) and other standard sizes have their practical limitations. Through direct collaboration with you, and with the help of our pallet drawing program, we can create an ideal design to meet your logistical requirements. Distributors, retailers, manufacturers, beverage companies, breweries and chemical producers are just a few of the diverse types of companies that we assist with our pallet drawing services. We proudly work with businesses in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut as well as across the country and around the globe.

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